At The Product Foundry we help Engineers, Designers, and Companies turn good ideas into great products. By utilizing our many services and partnerships, we can help you design, prototype, manufacture, and source your next great product.


Got a great idea but not sure of the next steps? We have brought many of our clients ideas to life. Taking a paper sketch to 3D model to product.


So you have a design, but not sure if it will work? We have in house 3D printing capabilities and external suppliers who can provide you with low cost models to ensure you get what you need.


Ready to go to production? Our in house CNC plasma cutter, powder coating, and welding capabilities can provide you with fast lead times, and cost competitive manufacturing.


Time is money and our sourcing partners can save you both. Our factories have a wide range of capabilites from injected molded plastic to complicated CNC milling and assembly. 



Our in house 3D printing capabilities, allow us to turn around parts fast. With lead times of under 8 hours we can provide same day delivery for any prototype part you would like.


Our 4′ x 4′ in house plasma table allows us to supply you with parts quickly. With lead times under 12 hours we can provide you parts the day of order. With a wide selection of materials and finishes on hand we can provide you with parts quickly.

Our 200 ton and 800 ton machines allow for a wide range of part sizes to be produced. By working with both local and international mold makers we can provide the most competitive tooling quotes to keep your upfront costs low.


Our flagship product. The Matrix Lid is a Waterproof lid for your Yeti, RTIC, Ozark Trail, or similar stainless steel tumbler. On the bottom is a mixing matrix allowing users to blend protein, preworkout, alcohols, and other supplements. Check us out Here.

The LadderAnchor is a oversized, multi-surfaced ladder safety base. We designed, tested, and internationally sourced this product. It is currently sold online and through your local safety supply retailers.

Our client needed a water-tight, UV-resistant, cost effective enclosure quickly. We were able to turn around design, prototype, and source production units in under two months. By utilizing our international factories, we were able to save the client $90k in tooling costs and over $3/unit.

Specialized hardware can be hard to find. Our client needed a standoff of an uncommon length, with good electrical conductivity, and an imperial thread. We were able to internationally source these parts for cheaper than poorly fitting alternatives found on store shelves.


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